When calling our office to make an appointment, we usually accommodate you as soon as possible, and if the need is more urgent than our next available, we will make every effort to do so. Our experienced staff will minimize your wait time as much as possible, however patient emergencies do arise which may result in a delay in your appointment or a need to reschedule your appointment. If we must reschedule, we will give you priority as best we can to fit your schedule and the availability.

Tampa Bay Nephrology Associates, P.L.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Please call to verify accepted coverage.
We reserve the right to add or change this list at any time.


Aetna HMO

Aetna PPO


Beech Street PPO

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Advantage 65

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Health Options

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) PPC

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Traditional

Cigna Healthcare of Florida

Cigna Senior

City of Lakeland PPO

Coventry Healthcare/Southcare

First Health POS

Florida 1st Health Plans

Foundation Health

Great West

HCHCP Network A

HCHCP Network B&D

HCHCP Network C


HIP Health Plans of Florida HMO, POS, Medicare HMO


Medical Mgmt of Claims/MCM Maxcare PPO

Physicians Healthcare Plans

Plaines Health NetworksPreferred Health Network PPO

Principal Healthcare PPO

Private Healthcare Systems (PHS)

Staywell/WellCare HMO

Tampa General Hospital Healthplan/Healthease

United HealthCare

If you are a New Patient to us:

(1) Please arrive at the clinic 15 minutes in advance of your appointment to help allow time for you to register.  Bring as many of your medical records as possible, including test results, lab results and films. 

(2) You can download our intake forms from this website and fill them out in advance.  We will be happy to address any questions regarding the information on those forms during your check-in. 

(3) Bring all your medications with you, in original bottles if possible, or a medication list with your dosages.

(4) Bring your insurance card, photo identification and primary care referral if required.

(5) Plan to stay in the clinic for about 45 minutes the first time. The initial examination and review of medical records may take 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Our physician may want to consult with other physicians who are caring for you     which may take time.

(6) Remember to notify us within 24 hours if you must reschedule or you will be charged $75.00 fee for a new patient missed appointment. If you have to be more than 15 minutes late to this appointment, you may have to reschedule or wait until the end of the session as to not inconvenience the other patients waiting.

For Return Appointments:

(1) Depending on the complexity of the examination, follow-up appointments generally run 15 to 45 minutes long.

(2) Remember to notify us within 24 hours if you must reschedule or you will be charged $25.00 fee for a routine patient missed appointment. If you have to be more than 15 minutes late to this appointment, you may have to reschedule or wait until the end of the session as to not inconvenience the other patients waiting.

(3) Upon check-in, please tell our receptionist if your insurance information has changed and if you have had any new tests or hospitalizations that we may not be aware of so we may obtain records if the physician needs the results.

(4) Please remember to ask for your primary care referral well in advance, sometimes this may take weeks.

After Hours Care:

If it is urgent and the office is closed, please call 813-353-8775 to contact the physician on call. If it is an emergency, you should call 911 and/or proceed to the Emergency Room and let the physician caring for you know you are a patient of ours.

Prescription Refills:

(1) Please allow at least 24 hours for a response to your request for a refill. Usually we can accommodate them sooner, but there may be problems with your insurance that we are unaware of until the pharmacy runs the prescription through your insurance and then contacts us back. This sometimes may take an extra day.

(2) Remember to anticipate your refill needs accordingly and if possible please have the pharmacy fax a request to us.

(3) Narcotics and other controlled substances, along with new prescription requests may only be given with an office visit. If it has been more than 6 to 12 months since your last office visit, please call for an appointment for your refills.

Laboratory/Test Results:

(1) Although most diagnostic centers have results available to your physician within 24-48 hours,your physician must review the results before the information may be released to you.

(2) We will try to have the results to you within 3-5 business days of when the test was performed. In most cases, the physician will request that a nurse give you your results.  If you do not receive notice of your test results within 5 business days please call the office and ask to speak to your nurse or physician for information on test results.

Handicap Access:

     We have accommodations at both our offices, both in terms of parking and in the office. If you require special issues, please contact our office in advance of your appointment and we will make every attempt to accommodate your individual needs.

Billing and Insurance:

(1) We accept most insurance plans. Our billing department will bill your insurance carrier, but you will be required to authorize us, in writing, to collect directly from your insurance company. You are responsible for any corresponding deductibles, copays and co-payments at time of visit. If you are not able to pay this at time of service, please call us to reschedule your visit. Once the insurance carrier(s) have been billed and reasonable attempts at collection have been made, all uncollectable balances will be your responsibility.

(2) If you have a change of address or insurance, please notify us upon arrival. If we are unable to bill the correct carrier within 90 days because you have not informed us of a change of insurance, etc, you will be responsible for the balance.

(3) If you change your insurance and are not sure if we participate, please call and ask us directly. Not all insurance lists are inclusive in their booklets and sometimes when you call them directly it may not be completely accurate     either. Please refer to our intake forms for more detail on these issues or ask us directly.

(4) If you have any questions about your bill, please contact our billing office at (813)-353-8775 and we will be happy to assist.